Why Your Company Needs an Incident Response Solution

The modern approach to IT security aspires to prevent security incidents. For example, Zero Trust security takes a proactive approach to defending against breaches by verifying the trustworthiness of every user and device that attempts to access company data, applications, and devices.

However, even the most robust security defenses can’t prevent every cyberattack from succeeding. When the inevitable breach does occur, your company needs an incident response solution to keep the threat from causing damage to your systems.

Ideal for Today’s Threat Landscape

Today’s hybrid workplaces and geographically distributed organizations make it more difficult to prevent breaches from taking place. 

The proliferation of remote devices and endpoints keeps companies from gaining full visibility into assets so they can stay secure. Combining remote and in-office environments to create a hybrid workplace has also expanded the attack surface, giving cybercriminals more opportunities to attack.

Reinforcing proactive security measures with a reactive solution, such as incident response, gives your business a second line of defense against threats. Incident response can identify threats that slip through your defenses and significantly reduce their impact by preventing them from spreading.

How Incident Response Reduces a Breach’s Impact

If an incident takes place and isn’t detected immediately, it can move laterally across the system. Some cyberthreats may linger undetected for months, causing damage to data and applications everywhere they go.

The incident response process starts with early detection to minimize the effects of a breach. Once a threat has been detected, the solution acts immediately to neutralize it.

An incident response solution ensures your company is always ready to defend against threats. Telemetry and threat intelligence empower your IT team to identify a threat so it can be investigated and defended against in a targeted way.

With incident response, you can isolate and contain the threat, identify its cause, and develop strategies for solving the problems that allowed the incident to occur. Ultimately, the solution can stop an attack from occurring again.

Inside Incident Response

Incident response solutions are made up of a variety of elements that allow your company to detect, analyze, investigate, and react to threats.

Early detection ensures an alert is sent to the security administrator. Analytics determine if a threat is legitimate, reducing the number of false alarms. An incident can be triaged or prioritized based on factors that indicate its severity, such as whether it presents a threat to mission-critical data and applications.

The solution then goes through a process of containing the threat and conducting a forensic investigation that can be used to prevent a similar incident from happening in the future. Finally, incident response can carry out the process of recovery by removing any malware and using backup data to restore systems to their pre-attack state.

A Complete Incident Response Plan in One Solution

Incident response can be carried out through a plan that involves various solutions and members of your IT team. However, the most efficient way to react to an attack is through a comprehensive incident response solution.

As a Cisco Business Partner, Dynamix Group can help your company deploy a leading incident response solution and support you after implementation. For example, Cisco Talos Incident Response service provides your company with:

  • Greater visibility
  • Actionable threat intelligence
  • Rapid response
  • Access to other Cisco security tools

Don’t wait for a traumatic incident to hit your company before you act. Participate in a Cisco Security Audit and learn if Cisco Incident Response is right for your organization.

Find out if your company could benefit from incident response. Ask for a Cisco Security Audit from Dynamix.

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