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We build partnerships. We listen to your unique challenges to create solutions that last and we're with you every step of the way.
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Dena Beck

Director of Sales Support

Chris Benham

Manager of Operations

Lisa Fazzari

Manager of Accounting

Julie Greyson

Director of Personnel

Dean Jamison

Account Executive

Tom Maletta

Account Executive

Mike McCullough

Account Executive

Helen Mueller

Director of Subscription Services

Rick Scott

Director of Professional Services

Ned Stoll

Director of Marketing

The Dynamix Difference

Dynamix is an industry leader in helping customers design and create solutions for their unique business challenges. We do this by hiring and cultivating top-performing people who are responsive and accountable to our customer’s needs while taking a holistic approach to design-build architecture. As a result, we forge long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Our Evolution


Mid-range Design

A genesis of IBM’s introduction of the channel partner program. Value came from designing for the complexity of mid-range computing.


Datacenter Transformation

Clients benefited from our mid-range experience to design and operationalize as virtualization began transforming the data center.


Maturing with Complexity

Our emphasis matured to help our clients with the growing complexity of fully virtualized computing environments. We diversified our technical expertise and product offerings.


Moving Beyond Infrastructure

Our depth and experience continued to help meet the need of our clients as they began to look to modernize beyond on-premise solutions.


Securing the Future

Cybersecurity demands on our clients and the maturity of the industry grows, we have invested in adding intentional focus on the security market space.

2022 and beyond

We design and build solutions to address unique business needs in the post cloud adoption era.

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