New Datacenter Build for Disaster Recovery provides Wholesale Club Retailer with Seamless Failover of Core Business Functions

With no room for downtime, our Disaster Recovery datacenter build out was designed so customers & employees would have a consistent, smooth experience.

Client Need

Dynamix was approached by a large wholesale club retailer to assist them with a new datacenter build to allow for disaster recovery.  This build included solutions for the network, compute, storage, virtualization, and overall DR strategy space.

Dynamix Solution

We designed a solution based on a detailed understanding of their existing data center and club environments.  An application-by-application analysis was done to map out all contingencies and functionality.  The solution was then architected to include layer 2 extension of the network with VXLAN, site-to-site storage replication, and Site Recovery Manager (SRM) for host failover.  This design was deployed to allow both quick DR failover, and to safely allow active/active or active/passive workloads to run at all times and take advantage of the second data center.

Client Impact

Once implemented,  they would be able to run their core business functions even if they lost the functionality of their legacy production data center.   They were provided extra resiliency to some of their vital applications allowing them to use both data center actively at all times.

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