Dynamix Supports Successful Merger for Large Southeastern Supply Chain Company

Quickly deploying our security solution enabled the company to gain access to their new acquisition without disrupting business operations.

Client Need

The merger of a large Southeastern supply chain company was stalled when they ran into issues with information access. They sought a partner to provide a fast, effective solution to complete the process.

Dynamix Solution

Dynamix recommended a Cisco internal security framework to segment their network to allow the client to control access to sensitive resources. Because the client already had several Cisco solutions, the recommendation enhanced interoperability capacities in addition to meeting the original need. Due to the sensitive timing and the high pressure, Dynamix deployed the solution within three days of the first call, and completed the process efficiently with no outages or breakages.

Client Impact

With an efficient, responsive process thanks to deep in-house expertise, Dynamix helped the client secure full access to the necessary data to complete the merger, ensuring their investment could be put to immediate use.

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