Dynamix Supports Ability to Scale for Manufacturing Company with Global Footprint

With a cloud-based Cisco solution, we supported the international growth of a major textile manufacturer — enabling them to process and distribute raw materials more efficiently to their customers around the world.

Client Need

With frequent expansion, a U.S. based manufacturing company with sites across Central and South America needed a security solution that could be managed remotely.

Dynamix Solution

Dynamix created a cloud-based Cisco solution enabling IT professionals to preconfigure systems on hardware that was then shipped to the factory locations. With one set of centrally-managed policies, the solution reduced inefficiencies such as physical travel and language barriers. 

Client Impact

Dynamix provided a secure, efficient and cost-effective solution, reducing the need for international travel and the potential for miscommunication. Additionally, because the solution is easy to scale, the client can handle replicating the solution when they set up a new site without external support.

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