Dynamix Streamlines Security for National Restaurant Chain

Our cloud-based security solution served up safety and satisfaction to thousands of hungry diners every day through a quick and secure checkout process.

Client Need

With 300 restaurants across the nation utilizing nonstandard security devices, the client sought a partner to recommend and deploy a better solution.

Dynamix Solution

After conducting an audit, Dynamix proposed a holistic solution, moving the client to a new cloud-based portal, making recommendations for security policies, and creating a single security template that was pushed to every restaurant location. The standard configuration included firewalls and access walls, which were especially important due to the high volume of credit card transactions. Dynamix also created a thorough training document for the new management hire and provided hands-on support during this transition.

Client Impact

Dynamix provided a vastly improved, secured and manageable solution. The system also met the requirements for the rigorous annual PCI audit and reduced the daily pressure on management. With the new system, the client was also able to hire one person responsible for the system rather than an outsourced management provider, saving money and enhancing efficiency.

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