Dynamix Standardizes Platform and Enhances Operational Excellence for Fortune 500 Financial Trading Firm

A new secure platform and disaster recovery plan enhanced trust for investors - ensuring their hard-earned gains were never compromised.

Client Need

Managing more than $1 trillion in assets, this financial firm needed a partner to standardize an inefficient system incorporating different technologies. Due to the nature of the business, the firewall was deep, and the security needs were specific and complex.

Dynamix Solution

Dynamix built brand new facilities from the ground up in two geographically diverse locations to hold five petabytes of storage. Using 100% custom written applications, Dynamix merged the new system with the old, transitioning from four different server manufacturers to one. During a 40-hour push with a team of 20 technical experts, every application was migrated without a single trade missed. 


Dynamix also transformed the client’s disaster recovery program, executing the company’s first successful disaster recovery test. By designing an actionable plan and supporting the client through a practice run, Dynamix brought them up to speed with security requirements and operational excellence.

Client Impact

Through their partnership with Dynamix, the client gained a seamless migration and secure IT solution, including disaster recovery plan, saving billions in potential fines and lost trades. The reliable training platform also enables the client to offer a higher quality product, attract more advisors and grow their business.

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