Dynamix Enables Omnichannel and Customer Tracking Technology for Large Department Store Retailer

Our innovative customer tracking strategy enhanced visibility into customer interests — delivering insights that could be used to improve customers’ in-store experience.

Client Need

A large department store retailer approached Dynamix with a request to gain visibility into their customers’ physical presence across their 300+ stores. This data would help the omnichannel team place signage in pathways with the most foot traffic, push specific coupons to customers based on their preferences and more.

Dynamix Solution

Using 25 pilot stores, Dynamix installed Cisco wireless Access points (APs) using a Real Time Location System (RTLS) site survey. The APs coordinated each customer’s location within the store and, coupled with Cisco Prime and the Cisco Mobility Services Engine, extracted additional relevant data. Dynamix uploaded and calibrated store blueprints to enable visibility into the paths with the highest traffic, as well as dwell time in specific merchandise areas, in addition to gathering data on other valuable customer interactions.

Client Impact

This pilot program demonstrated the great potential of a smart, resilient wireless network to provide key insights for omnichannel marketing, while enhancing the customer experience.

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