5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Adopt SASE

As more and more companies move to the cloud and rely on endpoints for remote work, they must rethink their approach to network security. The need to strengthen network security is driving the adoption of secure access service edge (SASE).

Implementing SASE has many advantages for companies that want to increase their network security.

SASE transforms the network architecture by enhancing virtual private network (VPN) and SD-WAN capabilities with cloud-native security functions. These security functions include secure web gateways, cloud access security brokers, firewalls, and Zero Trust network access, which are all provided through the cloud as a service.

Here’s a quick look at 5 benefits of SASE.

1) Cloud security

With SASE, the cloud is a source of security, delivering a set of technologies and applications that prevent and defend against threats. As a cloud service, SASE uniformly enforces user, data, and application policies across the network. 

Cloud security through SASE streamlines security management by quickly and consistently controlling remote devices at any location. This consistency of security policies is an advantage in this era of remote work and geographically distributed work environments. 

2) Improved user experience

The quality of user experience is the key to increasing employee productivity and engagement. Users don’t want to jump through a bunch of hoops to access data and applications. Through centralized orchestration and real-time application optimization, SASE provides seamless access for users.

The SD-WAN component of the SASE architecture ensures a consistent and predictable user experience for applications. Enhanced VPN guarantees security for the remote workforce. SASE controls access while ensuring that employees have full visibility into and control over resources that relate to their position.

3) Cost efficiency 

SASE replaces multiple security tools with a single integrated solution stack. This solution stack reduces both capital and operating expenses. With SASE, there are fewer appliances to provision, monitor, and maintain.

Because SASE is offered as a service, costs are more predictable, and expenses align with your company’s specific needs.

4) Reduced complexity

SASE reduces complexity by converging security services that are traditionally provided by multiple, siloed solutions. Using a single security solution stack makes management and security administration easier and eliminates reliance on support from multiple vendors.

Through orchestration and cloud-native security, SASE accommodates today’s hybrid and multicloud environments. The same security policies control access to both cloud and on-premises data and applications, as well as all cloud resources in a multicloud environment, regardless of the vendor.

5) Support for a Zero Trust approach to security

The Zero Trust principles of “never trust; always verify” are essential to protecting your company’s cloud resources and endpoints. SASE adheres to Zero Trust network principles by applying least privilege access. Before granting access to company applications and data, SASE verifies all user identities and evaluates the trustworthiness of every device.

Instead of focusing on network traffic patterns, SASE works through identity and access management. By controlling access, SASE prevents breaches at points of entry, as well as the lateral movement of threats from the cloud and endpoints across the network.

Futureproofing Your Network

As technology environments transform, your approach to security must evolve to accommodate it and the new risks change brings. SASE could be a vital part of your security strategy.

Dynamix Group has strengths in both networking and security, so we can help your company develop a strategy for protecting your network and endpoints using SASE. As a Premier Certified Cisco Partner, we can work with you to leverage Cisco’s leading SASE solution.

One way to get started is through a no-cost Cisco Security Audit. For two weeks, Dynamix Group will use Cisco technology to collect data and generate a risk report that we can use to develop a successful security plan for your business.

Learn how to strengthen and simplify your security strategy. Ask for a free Cisco Security Audit from Dynamix.

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