The Versatile VersaStack™

You may have heard that VersaStack™ hit the market late last year. With VersaStack's combination of the awesome power of IBM Storwize® and the agility of Cisco UCS, it's a dynamic storage solution. But what you may not realize are the benefits this solution brings to companies. 

For starters, you get speed. With VersaStack™ you get faster application delivery as it leverages Cisco UCS’ service profiles—reducing the legwork associated with server profile implementation. Additionally, set up is much quicker than traditional storage/server arrays because you don’t have to source various equipment from different vendors to get your data center up and running.

New UCS features are also enhancing the versatility of VersaStack™. UCS Mini servers—which are ideal for remote sites that only require a handful of servers—work seamlessly with VersaStack™. Additionally, UCS C240 rack servers come equipped with Virtual SAN (storage area network) capabilities, thereby, further simplifying IT infrastructures.

On the IBM side, storage additions like FlashSystem® V9000 and Storwize® V5000 disk storage allow for hybrid storage arrays that are scalable to meet the needs of small and large data centers alike.

As a proud partner of both IBM and Cisco, we are excited to lead the country in VersaStack™ installations. I look forward to seeing what’s in store for this versatile solution as we approach the new year.

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