Retailers Under Attack: The Importance of Endpoint Security

Target. Neiman Marcus. Michaels. Their security breaches have made headlines lately, making endpoint security a hot button issue for retailers. A recent report published by Verizon uncovered that 31 percent of all cyber attacks aimed at retailers originated as point-of-sale intrusions, leaving millions of credit card numbers vulnerable. How can retailers better protect their customers? IBM Endpoint Manager offers a dynamic duo of security that locks down registers like Fort Knox.

For the first time ever, IBM QRadar and IBM Endpoint Manager technologies are working together to provide the best overall security coverage and close the loop in risk management.  IBM QRadar acts like Big Brother, giving retailers a bird’s eye view of their entire network – identifying weaknesses throughout their systems in real-time. Then, IBM Endpoint Manager swoops in and patches vulnerabilities with an arsenal of modules that can handle any threat.

I work with national retailers who are proactive and have invested wisely in technology, using IBM QRadar and IBM Endpoint Manager to secure all their endpoints. They take comfort in the fact that IBM provides a secure product that is unhackable by outsiders. Placing an importance on security now can avoid a very expensive, very messy, very embarrassing breach in the future. Just ask Target.   

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