The Powerful POWER8

The new generation of IBM Power Systems is here. The data-driven POWER8 officially launched yesterday, making it the most powerful processor on the market and the first of its kind. At a time when Big Data is a Big Deal, businesses are desperate for innovative ways to store, process and secure massive amounts of data faster. Companies like Google and SAP are among the early adopters that have already begun to see results. These are the main reasons POWER8 is revolutionizing the space:

Open to Collaboration - Perhaps the biggest breakthrough is that IBM decided to take POWER8 public through its open source platform, OpenPOWER Foundation. While competitors retain proprietary business models, IBM is banking on its collaborative platform to be the catalyst for new innovation.

Scalable and Flexible - IBM also released a new line of Power Systems to support POWER8. These S Class servers range in capacity, with the ability to scale from small to massive databases. In addition, some of the Power System models provide clients the choice of running multiple operating systems including Linux, AIX and IBM i.

More Power, Less Space - There is a lot of power packed into one square inch. According to a lead architect at IBM, the new POWER8 chip consists of 12 cores per socket, eight threads per core and can support up to 1TB of DRAM and 230GB per second of sustained memory bandwidth.

Faster, Better - According to IBM lab tests, POWER8 can analyze data 50 times faster than x86-based systems, maintaining IBM’s competitive edge since they just sold that piece of their server business.

Data-Centric Cloud - IBM PowerVM® and PowerKVM™ virtualization software drives more efficient data-centric applications, which allow for the storage of rapidly growing databases while consolidating the server footprint.

As an IBM partner, Dynamix customers can now access the strength of POWER8. Another Dynamix partner, Red Hat, runs natively on POWER8, allowing our customers to get the best of both worlds.

Want to learn more about how POWER8 puts your data to work? Contact me.

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