The Need for Speed

During my 37 years in technology, I have never experienced the speed we’re witnessing now. Speed to market, speed to scale, data speed – customers require speed and users demand it. Moving at such a rapid pace necessitates extreme agility and focus. Many companies are bewildered by this fast pace; we at Dynamix are invigorated by it. We see it as an opportunity to help customers more than ever before.

With category leaders like IBM and Cisco as our partners, we are able to provide our clients with the most diverse and intelligent products available. Just five years ago 40 terabytes of data was not terribly prevalent. Now, it is readily available and affordable, and when needed very fast. We now have options, not just a one-size-fits-all approach, for customers’ storage and data needs.

Cisco proved its prowess this year in the software-defined network space with the launch of ACI and Nexus 900 switch series. With virtualization being a hot topic right now, Cisco was eager to revolutionize IT management with a cloud-based solution that unifies and automates all the moving parts.

Lenovo’s recent acquisition of IBM’s x86 servers is a great example of evolution in the marketplace. By divesting part of their business that is less profitable, IBM can focus on their core business and innovative leadership.

The FlashSystems family is another way IBM is transforming and adapting to the rapidly changing landscape. Recently, one of our healthcare clients experienced a black eye application that loaded patient data in minutes, not seconds. Patients and staff were frustrated and our client required a solution, fast. We are so confident in the power of Flash, that we installed a proof of concept box on site. What happened? It was a game changer. It is like flying from Atlanta to Los Angeles in seconds. The CEO decided to keep the box until they got one of their own. Because once you’ve tried it, you can’t go back.

That’s how we feel at Dynamix; we can’t go back 30 years, nor do we want to. Technology was great back then, but today, it is unbelievable. Now we can solve the most complex problems for our clients quickly and effectively. We have the most powerful suite of products and solutions to date. And we are really excited to see what’s next. There’s no stopping us. We’re moving forward and not looking back.

Need more speed? Let us know how we can help. 

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