How Good is your Security Detail?

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Policing your IT infrastructure and keeping your data safe requires “Pentagon-style” intelligence. With the acquisition of QRadar, IBM provides bullet-proof protection with the most intelligent software in the marketplace. This appliance-based solution converges network, security and operations views into a unified and flexible solution. Essentially, it is a “plug and play” solution, meaning that it does not require a server. You can run a customized version of an operating system on the individual appliance, so you can be up and running quickly and with a lower cost of ownership.

Also, critical components, including QRadar SIEM, QRadar risk manager and network activity monitors mean superior security intelligence and analytics.  Sensitive customer information is now protected by 360-degree military encryption. By analyzing more types of data and using more analytics techniques, QRadar can often detect threats missed by other solutions and provide network visibility that others cannot. QRadar is the most sophisticated enterprise security and compliance platform on the market. 

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