Fight Fire with Fire: Meet Cisco’s Cybersecurity Firewall

At any given moment, there are about half a million attack attempts happening in cyberspace, according to global security experts. Fending off these attacks takes powerful tools and a proactive approach. In a counteroffensive, Cisco has stepped up to the cybersecurity plate with next-generation firewall solutions that deliver integrated threat defense.

Cisco® ASA
ASA stands for Adaptive Security Appliance and is, at its core, a security device. Each device acts as a sensor, collecting and securing data and identifying threats within IT environments. Some models in the 5500-X series are no bigger (smaller even) than your laptop but pack a powerful punch against cyber attacks.

Cisco® FirePOWER
FirePOWER is another firewall device. Similar to ASA, FirePOWER is installed within an IT environment and tracks physical and logical networks—like employees accessing the network through VPN. FirePOWER is great for hybrid environments as it can manage up to 25 physical and virtual appliances with one instance.

Cisco® FireSIGHT
The FireSIGHT Management Center is what really ties these solutions together. FireSIGHT is the interface that allows IT teams to visualize and react to the data being processed by Cisco firewall devices. FireSIGHT shows IT teams exactly what devices are in their network and what their users are accessing via those networks. This visibility makes identifying and responding to threats much easier. FireSIGHT also gives teams the ability to implement policies that will respond to events automatically, thereby, truly streamlining security.

Right now, Dynamix has an exciting new offer that allows you to test the power of these Cisco security products—at no cost to you. Learn more about our offering here. If you’re looking for an integrated threat defense across the entire attack continuum, then look no further than Cisco. What do you have to lose?

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