3 Reasons Why You Need More Power!

IBM Power8 servers have proven to be a powerful addition to IT environments since hitting the market over a year ago. Power8’s amazing ability to run applications faster than the competition is what’s really driving customers to adopt this technology. We’ve seen customers upgrade from older generation Power boxes and immediately experience enhanced performance while lowering their hardware costs. Here are three examples of how businesses run better with Power8:

Power8 natively supports HANA. SAP’s in-memory high-performance database allows customers to run analytics and On Line Processing from one copy of their data. With configurations that are built to run HANA Business Warehouse, and now the full SAP business suite, Power8 allows customers to process more data in real-time while keeping their server footprint small. The performance you get with just a handful of Power8 servers is equal to that of 30-40 Intel servers. It really is more bang for your buck!

Power8 has the capacity to consolidate Intel server farms—sometimes as much as 4:1 without losing performance. Customers are moving from Linux on Intel servers to Linux on Power8. With support for Little Endian distributions of RHEL, SUSE and Ubuntu, applications that run on an Intel Linux server will run unchanged on Power8.

IBM Watson
Power8 does an excellent job at powering large analytic applications, which makes it the preferred platform for running Watson. Hospitals, research facilities or any other industry that requires advanced analytics from large quantities of data would benefit from Watson. As more customers adopt Powered by Watson applications, the demand for Power8 will increase as well.

I’ve personally seen the enhanced price performance Power8 offers. I’ve watched healthcare and retail customers upgrade from older Power servers and current Intel Servers to Power8 and immediately experience three times the price/performance power! If you’re looking for more horsepower for your money, Power8 is the way to go.

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