3 Reasons to Store your Data with IBM Storwize

When my customers ask me, “Why Storwize?” I sum it up with three words—easy, efficient and flexible.  

Storwize’s data management is designed with a graphical user interface and point-and-click system management capabilities. With easy-to-use management tools, you are quickly up and running. We’ve seen administrators regain up to 50 percent of the time they once spent on managing storage. This gives them more time to focus on building smarter data centers instead of administering them.  

With virtualization, there is better utilization of your storage assets. You can Virtualize existing IBM and non-IBM storage to make it part of a Storwize family system, inheriting the advantages of Storwize. This efficiency gives you 5x the amount of data compressed in the same space and 3x more performance with only 5 percent flash.

Flexibility is ultimately the result of easy, efficient storage. With the ability to take control of other storage arrays, Storwize allows you to gain flexibility in storage management. With Storwize, you can merge your entire data center—computers, storage and networking resources—to a consolidated environment.

If the three points above have yet to sell you on the benefits of Storwize, I think the new IBM and Cisco integrated solution should seal the deal. VersaStack™ pairs Cisco UCS with IBM Storwize to deliver high levels of ease, efficiency and versatility for cloud, big data, analytics and deployments. It’s a total solution that builds on the awesome storage power of Storwize. Are you sold now? Contact us to learn if this storage solution is right for you. 

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