Pure Storage

Why Pure Storage?

Pure’s mission is to deliver a simple, evergreen platform that enables users to turn data into intelligence. Pure’s technology gives you the agility needed to tackle the most demanding business and IT challenges. Enabling customers to quickly adopt next-generation technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, Pure Storage helps maximize the value of your data to leverage competitive advantages.


FlashBlade™ is the industry’s most advanced storage for unstructured data, consolidating complex data silos (like backup appliances and data lakes) to simplify infrastructure and accelerate tomorrow’s discoveries and insights.


The FlashArray//X series is the first all-flash, 100% NVMe shared accelerated storage designed for mainstream enterprise deployments. At up to 3PB effective in 6U, it’s more efficient than ever – and an Evergreen™ upgrade.

Simplify Everything Production

Accelerate your mission-critical apps, eliminate data silos, and shed all the complexity of legacy infrastructures. Get a data-centric architecture that delivers enterprise reliability and automation without compromising on innovation. Operate your cloud environments with effortless simplicity, and industry-leading efficiency.


Empower Your Developers

Speed time to market and drive developer productivity. Enable self-service and instantly accessible developer environments, turbo-charge concurrent builds, and ensure developers use the latest production data. Run modern DevOps, and the entire CI/CD pipeline, powered by VMs or containers – on an effortless, all-flash foundation.


Drive Tomorrow's Analytics, Today

Unlock hidden insights in your data, in real time, with massively parallel performance, rich data sets, and real-time data pipelines. Instead of 10s of disparate data silos, enable elastic scale and broad data sharing for everything: AI, machine learning, and other modern analytics approaches.

Witness Pure Storage in action

Witness Pure Storage in Action

Pure Storage transforms, simplifies, and satisfies your business and technology needs. FlashStack helped to strengthen Laser Spine Institute's commitment to exceptional patient care. See how Pure Storage can change your business for better, today.