International Leader in Children’s Apparel Gets Global Patch Update On Time


Global patch initiative for industry leader in children's apparel succeeds through use of IBM BigFix.

An international designer and marketer of children’s apparel was using several system management software products that were unable to keep up with the company's various endpoints and server compliance initiatives. Patches were required across various operating systems to ensure audit compliance and efficiency, and the client needed a more effective solution to affect a global patch initiative on time.

Dynamix proposed IBM BigFix as a solution to the client for a seamless global patch of all servers and endpoints, as no other systems management software could provide the services needed, across multiple operating systems. The client agreed, and Dynamix took over systems management during the run up to the global patch initiative. With BigFix, Dynamix helped to implement the global patch initiative from start to finish. The project was a huge success, and the client will be able to implement future patches and updates with ease and speed and audit compliance.



  • IBM BigFix Patching for AIX, Windows and Linux
  • Endpoint Security


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