Infinidat Saves Client Millions On Storage Costs

Dynamix saved the client millions in operating costs by collapsing their inefficient multi-format storage solutions into a high-performance single-format server system.

An international designer and marketer of children’s apparel relied on IBM XIV Storage as their primary storage. This environment required eleven (11) racks data center space. This was inefficient, expensive and would not scale in a cost effective manner.

As the client was renting data center space, Dynamix saw an immediate opportunity to save operating costs by reducing the number of racks the client was running. Dynamix consolidated the client’s eleven (11) XIV storage racks into just two (2) Infinidat InfiniBox F4240 racks. Dynamix’s solution provided a very fast ROI compared to IBM XIV due to data reduction capabilities and savings in rack space and power cost(s), a valuable benefit to our customer.

Most data storage centers charge by the plug, and each of the client’s eleven (11) IBM XIV racks had four (4) plugs. By collapsing this storage into just two (2) InfiniBox F4240 racks, the client was able to decrease the operating costs for their servers by almost 82 percent. With Infinidat’s maintenance policies, the client was able to save a further 66 percent in capital expenses for the next two years.

Additionally, Dynamix’s solution allowed our client to switch from multi-format storage systems to a single-format system. Because IBM XIV is a spinning disk storage system, the client was using additional Pure Storage All Flash arrays in an off-site location as their Tier 0 platform.

The performance of the InfiniBox F4240s allowed the customer to consolidate further, purchase a third device, which allowed them to eliminate their off-site Pure Storage usage. Now they are able to rely solely on their Infinidat storage array.




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