Ground Up Architectural Reengineering for Major Southeast Healthcare System


Dynamix engineered a resilient and highly available server environment from the ground up for one of the nation’s largest pediatric healthcare systems, allowing them to migrate away from an end of life IBM PureFlex preconfiguration.

One of the largest pediatric healthcare providers in the country needed a highly resilient, highly available and data center autonomous environment in order to ensure room for growth and improved security. The new environment would be the underlying platform for very large Epic Systems databases, the nation’s leading healthcare software company.

Dynamix created a custom built resilient server environment with backups and redundancies that allows room for growth. Simultaneously, this solution provides security and confidence to healthcare providers and patients. By engineering an active-active server environment, Dynamix ensured that should one hospital’s servers go down, their workload will instantly be picked up and covered by linked servers elsewhere. This linkage safeguards the hospitals from outages and enables the healthcare system to better utilize server power when necessary. The healthcare system intends to build a new hospital location and two new data centers in 2019, which will act as further redundancies.

Our solution called for four IBM Power E880s. These high performing servers are designed to support high performance loads, which will allow the healthcare system to grow without needing to reconfigure their server arrays. Dynamix’s custom built architecture communicates seamlessly with the healthcare software and databases necessary. These servers also allowed Dynamix to engineer new environments for test development, quality assurance, and more that the healthcare system lacked in their previous server setup. Now, the healthcare system can grow and develop without worrying about server outages, performance or capacities.



  • IBM Power E880
  • Security
  • Scalability


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