Problem: A vulnerable IT infrastructure.
Solution: Compliant and comprehensive core protection.

Over the past year, more than 40 million IT security incidents were detected. How many affected your business?

Data is everywhere—accessed from and stored on mobile devices, various endpoints and the cloud. While this mobility is good for productivity, it can open you up to multiple points of attack. A security breach can cost an organization millions of dollars per year, impacting your bottom line. Our response to these security threats is a proactive security solution.

Dynamix is proud to offer IBM Security Identity and Access Assurance, an award-winning, preconfigured solution that strengthens security with automated identity and access management for a variety of environments. Leveraging powerful security software—such as IBM BigFix and QRadar—we’re bridging the gap between IT operations and security teams. With increased visibility and threat detection you can isolate malicious code and respond to threats more effectively. What used to take weeks can now be resolved in a matter of hours, reducing the need for server downtime. Additionally, our solution prioritizes application security to mitigate the risk of your most critical assets.

Featured Offerings:

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