Dynamix Announces Expansion of Executive Leadership Team

Company formalizes move to accelerate growth strategies

January 6, 2021— Dynamix today announced an expansion of its executive leadership team. Three current employees, Bill Boyle, Dean Jamison and Scott McKelvey, will join the principal founders, Chuck Hawkins and David DeLong in leading the company in developing and executing growth strategies to ensure continued success.

Bill Boyle will assume the role of Co-president and Chief Sales Officer while Dean Jamison will serve as Co-president and Chief Technology Officer. Scott McKelvey joins Bill and Dean as Co-president and Chief Operating Officer. Chuck and Dave will hand over many of their day-to-day duties to the new executive team in order to accelerate the leadership transformation.

Dynamix Co-chairman and CFO, Dave DeLong said “While Chuck and I intend to remain a guiding presence, we are enthusiastically looking forward to the next chapter in the Company’s history under the capable direction of Bill, Dean and Scott.” DeLong continued, “Bill is an experienced sales professional and will provide the sales direction we need. Dean has been a guiding force for innovation and technology and will lead the necessary transitions in our product mix. Scott has been leading the financial affairs of the Company for several years and will maintain stability and continuity in our operations through the necessary evolution ahead. This management trio is just the team we need for the future. I congratulate them and have every confidence in their leadership!”

Chuck Hawkins, Co-chairman and CEO, added, “We’ve run this Company successfully for 25 years and we want to make sure that the future is built. So someday down the road, when we do ride into the sunset, the company will be well positioned for what’s next. I am confident that Bill, Dean and Scott are the right leaders to help get us there and ensure that the Company will continue to thrive for years to come. I am excited for our future at Dynamix.”

About Dynamix
Dynamix provides IT solutions for growing businesses throughout the Southeast. With decades of combined experience and deep knowledge in networking, storage and security, their award-winning team craft innovative solutions to meet their clients’ needs. Through excellent client and technology partner relationships, Dynamix delivers optimized IT infrastructures that allow their customers to run their businesses more efficiently.

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