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Gain a better perspective on your IT. We offer tools that help you take command of even the most complex IT environments. Coupled with our well-rounded, personalized approach, our customers can make the most of what Dynamix has to offer.

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Drastically reduce the risks and costs of managing and protecting critical business data on your own. Protect*IT eliminates the challenges of administering the most prominent backup products—IBM Spectrum Protect, Actifio, Commvault, Rubrik and Veeam—by leveraging our team of seasoned experts to manage your storage environment. Powered by Predatar, a leader in backup and recovery cloud solutions, we can be proactive about the growth of your data. This powerful combination provides real-time visibility into the status of your protection and forecasts the fitness of your data. Secure the future of your business with Protect*IT.

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We offer our customers a convenient way to manage all of their hardware and software with Manage*IT, making it easy to track product, contract and warranty information. Manage*IT is an exclusive benefit, available only to Dynamix customers.

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