Vsphere 6 VVOLS Release

VMware Vsphere 6 VVOLS was released Feb 2, 2015. Alongside this announcement, IBM has released a Redbook video that describes how VMware VVOLS perform on XIV and they quantify how truly fast it is going from VM disks stored traditionally in data stores on XIV to VM disks as VVOLS. Check out this video; the demo starts around 3:20. You will see very impressive performance out of this combination and Gen3 XIV’s will support this once the code is updated to 11.5.1 (March 12th general availability). In the scenario they demo, they reduced a VM clone time from over 7 minutes for just one VM to just 15 seconds for 5 of them concurrently! This is just one use case for the VASA capabilities of vSphere 6 and XIV using these hardware offloading capabilities and we believe this will spell great increases in performance from your XIV and vSphere environments using this object-based storage once you upgrade to vSphere 6 and XIV code 11.5.1.

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