IBM XIV Hyper-Scale Volume Mobility

A standard feature of XIV since code level 11.3, ‘Hyper-Scale’ allows you to seamlessly migrate data from one XIV Gen3 to another XIV Gen3, without the need to shut down the host, or experience any loss of storage connectivity. Through the use of Hyper-Scale and host IO multi-path technology, you can perform this migration without breaking IO activity from the host to its connected volumes. Typically, this would require a storage virtualization controller (SVC), but with XIV it is built-in and free of charge, included with XIV licensing. The XIV will act as a virtual proxy for host IO operations, while data is migrated in the background. Once the data is moved, the XIV host attachment kit will enable new paths to the new storage array. Communication to the previous array will be ended, again with no storage loss at the host level. For environments with two or more XIV’s, this also provides the capability to rebalance storage between XIV’s on-the-fly. This can be very beneficial in fast-growing environments, where one storage array may become more burdened than another. Through Hyper-Scale you can monitor utilization, move volumes between XIV arrays and ensure your capacity is perfectly load-balanced between XIVs.  

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