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Keeping your company current with its maintenance means keeping your company safe. Downtime isn’t an option—you can’t afford it and your customers won’t tolerate it. For our customers, dealing with maintenance contracts can be an organizational challenge and, if not managed accordingly, an unexpected financial burden.

At Dynamix, we’ve developed a new solution to manage maintenance contracts. Introducing Manage*IT, our web-based tool that takes the guesswork out of managing maintenance contracts and equipment. Manage*IT gives you the ability to access everything from one dashboard, where you can track product, contract and warranty information. Most importantly, you’ll gain visibility into what’s covered, what’s not and what’s about to expire—it’s maintenance made easy.

And there’s more—we can save you money. We’ve saved our customers up to 30 percent on their maintenance contracts. At Dynamix, we can lock your maintenance contracts into five year fixed pricing. No price increases every year, no annual renewal and no surprises. When a machine becomes obsolete, you’ll receive a credit. And if that wasn’t enough, IBM now services other products—EMC, HP, Dell and others—going beyond its core offering to support your entire data center. This means you get the best service from the best technology provider in the world, regardless of your vendor mix. 

The world of maintenance is changing—and we’d love to help you navigate your way to simplicity and savings.

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