A New Way to Secure your Data: Introducing Protect*IT

Are you confident your data can be recovered from an unexpected outage? Do you know the backup status of your environment right now? If you replied “no” then we can help.

We’re proud to unveil our newest data protection solution: Protect*IT.

Protect*IT was created to safeguard your data; giving you back the time and resources you need to grow your business. Protect*IT eliminates the challenges of IBM TSM administration with powerful technology and a team of experts that manages your storage environment.

Powered by Predatar, a leader in TSM cloud solutions, Protect*IT can efficiently manage your rapidly growing database. With an increasingly complex backup infrastructure, Protect*IT provides you with the visibility to confidently report on and predict the fitness of your data.

At Dynamix, we are constantly innovating, providing our clients with the tools they need to deal with today’s business challenges. Let’s talk about securing the future of your business with Protect*IT.

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