The New Face of Dynamix

Changes in technology are continual and accelerating for us and our customers.  In light of this we felt now would be a great time to rebrand Dynamix and share our expanded capabilities with you.  We stay on the cutting edge so we can help our customers leverage emerging technologies such as Flash, and implement new infrastructure methodologies such as convergence.  We now offer CISCO in addition to IBM which puts us in an even better position to help customers solve their problems. 

With our new website, we are introducing Manage*IT, our new customer portal to make maintenance easier than ever before.  Manage*IT can be accessed via our Customer Vantage section of the website.  We are also introducing The Mix, our expanded resource center, where you can find our new “Ask the Expert” series that includes blog posts and white papers.  You can join the conversation on The Mix by asking us questions and sharing your thoughts with our solution experts.   

The IT Landscape today is like an ice flow, moving all of the time, and our job is to make sure you are at the forefront with the best possible solutions available.  We are committed to building strong customer relationships and providing exceptional technical leadership and consulting.  Global competition is real now, and we present customers with unique combinations of products and services to ensure they stay in the game, even lead it.  In three years, we will be selling products we have never even heard of today, but we can say now that we will continue to help you navigate this ever changing world and make the right bet every time.


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