More Reasons to Secure your Data with Protect*IT

You may have heard about our data protection solution Protect*IT. But did you know that thanks to upgrades to both Predatar and TSM, this solution is more powerful than ever? Allow me to elaborate on what these improvements mean for you:

For starters, Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) is now known as IBM Spectrum Protect™ and falls under the IBM Spectrum Storage software family. Spectrum Protect’s latest version hit the market with a suite of exciting new features including native cloud support, SoftLayer integration, increased storage capacity and backup throughput. Overall, the new Spectrum Protect is designed to better mitigate the risk of data loss while, at the same time, reducing the total cost of data protection. 

While Predatar still goes by the same name, Version 9 of this cloud automation solution boasts even more customization, streamlined analytics and cost savings. Predatar’s latest evolution supports the new version of Spectrum Protect and provides far more advanced reporting capabilities than Spectrum Protect’s native reporting tool. Additionally, V9’s new mobile- and user-friendly dashboard gives you even more control of your storage suite. With this enhanced visibility, IT teams can more efficiently manage their data centers while improving financial insight for businesses.

At Dynamix, we’ve personally seen the combined benefits of Spectrum Protect and Predatar through Protect*IT. To date, we manage 25 Spectrum Storage servers, 2500 clients and over four petabytes of data while maintaining backup success rates of over 98%. This proves that Protect*IT has demonstrated value by allowing customers to focus on business initiatives, eliminate the burden of managing and maintaining backups—all while reducing the risk associated with data protection. The results are truly remarkable, making Protect*IT a premier data protection solution.

Want to know more about the advantages of Protect*IT, its new and improved features and how it can benefit your IBM Spectrum Storage IT environment? Contact me or leave a comment below. 

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