Meet the Future of Storage: IBM Spectrum Storage

For too long, the solution to an expanding database was adding costly storage boxes to IT environments. Not anymore. The future of storage management is software-defined. Meet IBM Spectrum Storage.

The beauty of it all is you only pay for what you need, when you need it. The suite is licensed on cost-per-terabyte basis so you can add or swap out software without incurring additional fees. Spectrum Storage can essentially grow right alongside your data while, at the same time, increasing efficiency.

What’s more, Spectrum Storage software integrates with products you already have installed—even improving upon their performance. Spectrum Accelerate works with x86 servers and VMware vSphere to effectively manage virtual storage environments. VersaStack leverages Spectrum Control and Protect to rapidly deploy applications. And Spectrum Scale provides shared storage in an OpenStack environment.

While these examples merely scratch the surface of Spectrum’s capabilities, the overall benefits are apparent. The IBM Spectrum Storage suite is one of the most cost-effective and powerful solutions out there that can tame the big data explosion.

Want to experience the future of storage for yourself? Click here to learn more.

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