Meet FlashSystems from IBM - The fastest storage on the planet

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Whenever someone claims that a product is the best or the fastest, you can hear a dismissive sigh pass through the crowd. But I can assure you IBM’s FlashSystem Storage portfolio provides the fastest storage on the planet. If you haven’t met FlashSystems, say hello to the servers, solutions and software that will quite honestly rock your storage world.

We met FlashSystems about a year and a half ago with IBM’s acquisition of the product. It has just recently hit the mainstream market and is priced right for the power it provides. As we all know, processor power doubles every 18 months, that’s Moores law. Over the last decade disc has only gotten 20% faster. With IBM’s FlashSystem, disc storage catches up to processor speed. This is a game changer and the fact that it’s an appliance, means you can essentially plug and play. 

What we are experiencing is a combination of Flash and discs within our clients data centers. FlashSystems help accelerate traditional products providing our clients with progressive change not the eradication of legacy systems.

Did I mention jobs take minutes not hours with IBM’s FlashSystem? As many of our clients have professed - “this is a no brainer, and I do believe it’s the fastest storage on the planet.”

Want to learn more about IBM’s FlashSystem? My colleague Bob French takes a deep dive into the configuration and coexistence of IBM'S FlashSystem. Read it here





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