IBM FlashSystems Deliver

The IBM FlashSystem promises a lot, but does it deliver?  We say yes, and more importantly, our customers say yes.  They are achieving the benefits all businesses want: faster performance and lower costs.  Here are examples of our customers’ flash applications and results:

Driving database performance up and licensing costs down with FlashSystem.  Our customers now using FlashSystem for Oracle, DB2, and SQL databases have achieved 100% - 250% improvement in response time.  The IBM FlashSystem makes it possible to push servers harder, getting more transactions through fewer cores.  This can reduce licensing fees, which pays for the investment in FlashSystem. 

Increasing employee productivity with FlashSystem for Virtual Desktop Interface. FlashSystem eliminates the Morning Boot Storm - the daily struggle created by everyone logging onto their Virtual Desktop at once.  People can get right to work, right away – and, I’m guessing, they’ll also complain less.

Saving big on operating costs with FlashSystem.  Solid state memory is not only fast, it uses less energy and less space.  Less is more in this case, delivering savings to the data center by reducing the physical footprint and in turn, heating and cooling requirements. 

While we’re on the topic, I want to take a minute for FLAPE.  Don’t be surprised if you hear vendors talking about this new term for a combination of flash storage used for production and tape used for back up and archive.  Say goodbye to the spinning disk.

At Dynamix, we can talk about flash all day.  Even better, though, we can show you how it works.  We are installing a proof of concept box free for our clients to see flash in action.  Say the word and we’ll show you. 

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