Focused on the Future: Expanding our Leadership Team

Since Dave DeLong and I first started Dynamix 25 years ago, we have strived to deliver on our four promises of Expertise, Simplicity, Reliability and Longevity. We set out knowing we could service our customers in a way that not only brought tangible value but also built lasting relationships within which Dynamix and our clients could thrive. We’ve accomplished these goals exceedingly well and continue to do so, despite this unprecedented time in our world and country. Our goal today is to ensure Dynamix can enjoy another 25 years and continued success with our partners.

Recently, Dave and I decided to enhance our executive leadership team with the promotions of three current employees, Bill Boyle (Co-president and Chief Sales Officer), Dean Jamison (Co-president and Chief Technology Officer) and Scott McKelvey (Co-president and Chief Operations Officer). They are assuming the primary day-to-day executive roles to lead Dynamix. I am assuming the role of Co-chairman/Chief Executive Officer while Dave will serve as Co-chairman/Chief Financial Officer. Both Dave and I will continue to provide a guiding presence for the company and context for the new leadership team. Our hope is to give reassurance to our employees and partners that our organization doesn’t end with Dave and me but instead finds new avenues and expands to new heights.

Today’s market growth is dizzying and our clients are often overwhelmed by its pace and the number of offerings bombarding them. Dave and I knew that we needed leaders who could keep in step with technology innovating at light speed. This type of leadership takes entrepreneurial spirit and at Dynamix, we’ve been fortunate to have a team that works tirelessly for the success of our company and our clients. Dave and I are confident that Bill, Dean and Scott will continue to move this Company forward with passion and determination to reach new markets, expand our customer base and provide a pathway for all of us to succeed.

Interested in learning more about our new leadership team? Read our most recent press release here.

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