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Yup. We’re talking about IBM FlashSytems again. It’s still the fastest storage on the planet, and we can prove it. This technology is so good, we let customers “try before they buy” with Demo boxes that allow you to run your applications from your servers in your environment. No kidding! Here are some of the customers that we’ve turned into believers:

Healthcare provider - Bad code was slowing down this customer. With FlashSystems, we can fix bad code cheaper and with less risk of human error than you might encounter when you task programmers with the job. After trying Flash, the customer was so impressed that he wanted to hold on to his loaner until the new one arrived.

National retailer - The CIO claimed that data warehouse performance was their biggest pain point. After installing Flash 840, the average response time dropped from milliseconds to microseconds, correlating large quantities of transaction data in record time.

Medical university - A healthcare customer complained of data bottlenecks and slow backup and recovery. Flash increased their database backup from 50 to 250MB/sec and decreased their expired inventory process from over 1 hour to less than 7 minutes!

Flash has come to the rescue for these guys, and it can likely enhance your performance too. Learn more about Flash’s capabilities from my colleague Bob French, our expert Q&A or check out our videos.

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