Appraisers Upgrade Their Data Center with IBM Power System

Company’s IT infrastructure achieved increased processor performance, more disk storage capacity and increased utilization and “happier” end users with the new IBM Power System.


This appraisal organization determines the fair market value of all real estate and personal property taxes for a Northeast Florida county. The Board of Assessors determines the estimate of property value and this process is called the "Appraised Value" of property. It is the commitment of this office to execute the duties and responsibilities of the Office of Property Appraiser in a fair and equitable manner, to provide accurate information and courteous, professional assistance to all those who request, or display a need for that assistance, without exception.

The client's existing IBM iSeries 525 was showing a decrease in system performance by end users. The 525 workload and disk storage utilization has been steadily climbing over the past few years. It became obvious that they needed additional memory, CPW and disk storage. Storage utilization was over 80% and requiring constant monitoring by the system administrator to delete and remove files. Also, they were experiencing a slowdown in their network.

Next, this client had an old 3995-C40 Optical jute box attached to the 525 utilized for historical data access. They are required by law to retain this historical data for at least 4 more years. As of January1, 2014, IBM has discontinued maintenance support of the 3995 optical jute boxes. This company needed to move 1TB of historical data off the 3995 to some internal processor storage.

Lastly, maintenance costs of the IBM iSeries 525 had been steadily increasing as well, and their IBM 525 at Version 6.1 and would require a costly upgrade to Version 7.1.


Dynamix provided new 8202-E4C 6 core processors with 1 core activation. The new 8202 processor speed was almost 2X faster than 525. Also, the new 8202 included 64 GIG of memory that more than doubled the disk storage that was on the 525. Also the customer wanted to retain the IBM BladeCenter attached solution. This BladeCenter solution had replaced 12 competitive brand PCs, each running different Windows versions. Backups were not consistently being performed on PCs. While the BladeCenter solution had consolidated and replaced standalone PCs workload previously, the 525 provided a centralized storage solution and systems tools to allow for regularly scheduled workload backups. The 8202-E4C model supports 12x channel PCI expansion drawers required for attachment of their existing BladeCenter solution.

The IBM 8202-E4C saved over $30K in maintenance charges versus the old 525 over a 36 month timeframe. Optical jute box (withdrawn from IBM maintenance support) data moved to internal DASD for continued access of historical data. The new 8202-E4C would be shipped with Version 7.1 eliminating the need for an operating system migration, resulting in a savings of $2500 in services fees. Overall, the IT infrastructure achieved increased processor performance, more disk storage capacity and utilization, and “happier” end users with the new IBM Power Server 8202.


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